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FlyNano FAQ

Can I already buy a FlyNano?

Yes. Please contact sales(at)

What is the developments status?

Production of the first series has started.

Do you sell FlyNano outside of Europe and how much does shipping cost?

Yes, we do. Shipping cost estimates are available upon request. One FlyNano and its trailer fit inside a standard 20 foot shipping container.

Do I need a pilot's license to operate FlyNano?

According to the European Aviation Safety Association regulation; passed by the European parliament in 2008 - FlyNano is below the mass of 70kg, which means that national authorities decide on the classification. In Finland for example no classification, no aviation license or medical certification are needed. But skill is needed. Nevertheless a good understanding of water plane operation, rules and aviation safety is requested. For further information please check your local authority.

How fast can I fly with FlyNano?

The top speed is around 120 km/h.

With what kind of control column is FlyNano equipped with?

The rudder is controlled by pedals. Tailerons (ailerons + elevators) and throttle are controlled intuitively by a stick with your right hand, very similar to a normal airplane.

Is it possible to take it down safely without engine in case of an emergency?

Yes, you can glide FlyNano down without engine (glide ratio is estimated to be about 1:6).

Does FlyNano keel over when I dip one wing into the water?

At a higher speed, aerodynamics prevent the wing from dipping into the water. Also at a higher speed the wing has a positive incident to water. If you dip the wing into the water at a higher speed, it's jumps the back of the wing that hits the surface. And that means the wing goes up to the safer position. But of course, gross mishandling will lead to catastrophy.

Can you operate FlyNano through waves?

Nano has been designed to operate only in light wave and wind conditions. This means wave height under 10 cm.

Is FlyNano available with wheels?

No, FlyNano is a pure seaplane.

Is FlyNano available with windshield or cockpit?

No, our philosophy is 'feel the wind'. You need to wear a helmet or goggles at least. We also recommend a drysuit/wetsuit or similar clothing.

Which instruments does FlyNano have?

All instruments are diplayed at FlyNano HUD including battery control and airspeed. Others like altimeter, angle of attack are optional.

How can I transport FlyNano?

Just detach the wing and the body to make it fit into the FlyNano trailer.

Can I register or insure FlyNano?

Generally yes, just like hang- or paragliders. Depends on the country you are living.

What references does FlyNano have in the aviation industry?

The head designer, Aki Suokas, has worked in the aviation industry for more than 30 years now and successfully designed several well-known airplanes, including PIK-20, PIK-23 and PIK-27.

Product Sheet with specifications

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