FlyNano FAQ

FlyNano is the world’s lightest powered fixed-wing aircraft, and the coolest gadget around! It’s all-electric seaplane, that is extremely fun to fly! FlyNanos have been designed and they are manufactured by Fly Nano Ltd (Fly Nano Oy), a Finnish company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. It took over 10 years and several breakthrough innovations to succeed in developing such a unique world-class product. Currently the company is executing the final test program.

Initial sales have been started, and all the interested parties are warmly welcomed to fill in the non-binding Letter of Intent. The customers and partners who have signed this Letter of Intent will be prioritized when the further sales activities are taken. The sales of the FlyNanos are expected to start officially during this summer 2019. More information can be found under the following frequently asked questions. The company reserves the right to update and change the information on its websites at any time and takes no responsibility or liability on the accuracy or the content of the information.

Operating the FlyNano

Safety and regulations


Purchasing a FlyNano